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Situated on the highest floor of the existing block at Bagan Specialist Centre, the new admin offices have ample natural light and picturesque views of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The upper two floors of the existing hospital building became available when the New Ward block was completed. We converted the uppermost floor of the former ward rooms into new offices for the hospital’s staff and management.

The original floor plans were quite straight forward; rooms on either side of a central corridor, low ceilings concealing services above and providing artificial lighting below. The refurbishment plan was to create an expansive work environment with natural lighting, external views and visual connectivity within the work space. We aimed to do so with minimal cost and construction time, which meant simplifying details, reducing the material palette using off-the-shelf materials and systems.

We repeated a plywood architrave detail to add warm and profile to internal aluminium glazing system. A similar plywood bulkhead is used in the ceiling to conceal trunking and cabling.

We omitted the ceiling, exposing the soffit of the roof slab and services. Long lighting pelmets were suspended 1500 mm above the work top, help to reduce energy consumption. The internal walls are mostly glazed to allow natural light to filter into the centre of the office floor.

The roll vinyl flooring is the same system as the hospital, giving a light and seamless ambience. The modular office furniture was relocated from the previous offices, and fitted into the newly purchased ones.

The overall construction period was 6 months which included demolition of existing walls and services, construction of new works, and relocation of existing furniture and fittings.


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