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“The future of terrace neighbourhoods – a house will only turn into a home/office/shop/class through the process of change made by the occupants.”

We yearn for a simpler life: a home, family, good friends, and neighbours – with security for our kids to walk to school and the shops. People know their neighbours and keep an eye out for each other, ensuring everyone’s safety. As we prosper, housing estates are built far from work, making us dependent on cars. This has resulted in centralized and disconnected infrastructure planning, leading to a more fragmented socioeconomic scenario, a common scene in any modernized nation.

Our neighbourhood aims to bridge the gap between humanistic lifestyles and ever-evolving smart technologies. In 2030, we envision Malaysians growing within this timeless and circular neighbourhood, where residents self-produce energy and amenities at home and share them with the neighbourhood. This will inculcate values of shared responsibilities, sufficiency, respect, and mindful consumption among the communities, forming networks of resilient neighbourhoods.

During the two years of lockdowns and remote work, many of us have come to appreciate the simplicity and freedom of working from home. Many have found time to exercise again, while others have mustered the courage to leave their jobs and start their own businesses. All these factors point to the evolution of the typical house into a hybrid of home, office, shop, and recreational space. Our scheme draws inspiration from this new mindset of blurring the boundaries between home and work.

In our scheme, we introduce a terrace-shophouse hybrid typology along the green spine and neighbourhood parks, serving as shopping streets where shopkeepers can ‘borrow’ the immediate spaces, much like how the ‘kaki-lima’ can serve a multitude of functions. Just imagine a photocopy shop, eateries, pharmacy, bicycle workshop, tuition classes, laundromat… any amenities you need are accessible via a safe pedestrian path that leads to communal facilities, parks, and retail.

Instead of selling predefined layouts, we present an affordable ‘Breezeway Core House,’ which owners can customize to suit their needs and budget, dissolving boundaries between the home and the community as part of the house design. Owners can expand their homes using prefabricated modules: a balcony, a window nook, an additional toilet, or bedroom as the family grows.


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