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The proposed private clubhouse is located in the heart of an upcoming and upmarket mixed development. The site, a long and narrow piece of land of about 1.7 acres is located at the confluence of Sungai Niada and a linear park that has been incorporated into the development master plan. The main role of the clubhouse is to serve the recreational needs of future residents in the vicinity.

The brief called for various F&B, recreational and sports facilities, i.e. a 50 m lap pool, badminton courts, and a multi-court to be fitted into a very tight site. Hence, the design solution was to lift the main bulk of the sports facilities, i.e. the multi-court and badminton courts off the ground. This frees up Level 1 to be a series of free-flowing public spaces in between glazed recreational facilities and a series of staggered facing brick walls. These create a sense of movement. They also define vistas and blur the distinction between the inside and outside.

The multi-court forms the roof over 2 floors of recreational, administrative and F&B facilities at the front block. A 12 m high rectilinear steel frame with drainage cell and versatile fencing infills wraps around the block and has the appearance of being perched lightly on the facing brick walls below. Nearby, a more solid rectilinear block which houses the badminton courts echoes the main steel frame and completes the cubist architectural composition of the scheme.


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